Millennials at workUnderstand social platforms better than any other generation

July 24, 2017 By Chad Jampedro  

The world has changed. The technological innovations of the last twenty years have led to the exchange of information with an ease and volume that was virtually unimaginable just a generation ago.

Social media platforms keep us connected with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances on a daily basis. Economic crises, environmental disasters and the threat of terrorism have shaped our global perspective. All of these factors have led to the world becoming a smaller, more interconnected and interdependent place.


These changes have perhaps had the most impact on society’s youth. Older generations may be slower to adapt to technological advances and many of their opinions have already been formed in a different time under different circumstances. Young adults today have had cell phones and social media accounts since grade school. The threat of terrorism is a post-911 world has always impacted their global perspective. Economic crises have led to changes in workplace attitudes and aspirations. Today’s young adults have different approaches to and expectations of their choice of a commitment to a career.

These changing attitudes have led many young people to explore a career in real estate sales —and in many cases, it seems to be a perfect fit.

Business is conducted online these days as never before. Face-to-face meetings and even lengthy phone calls are often neither desired nor necessary in today’s climate. Information can be gathered, conversations can be conducted and transactions can be completed all while sitting on your couch with a laptop.

This environment is natural to the younger generation.

Millennials are socially-conscious. They want to know that the work they are doing is making a difference and benefitting society in some way. Personal satisfaction in the workplace is often as - or more important- to them than simply making the most money possible. This is a major reason why a career in home sales can be so rewarding. For many families, purchasing their first home is a life-changing, almost spiritual, experience. Investment in a home not only provides a long-term stable environment to raise children, it is also an economic investment in one’s own future. Many fam call it a “dream come true”. Being a part of helping people realize their dreams is the kind of career that many millennials strive for.

A work-life balance is important to many young people entering the workforce today. While in past times, leaving for an office early in the morning and not returning home until evening was seen as a necessary, if not totally desirable, formula for career success; today’s young workers are often unwilling to pursue a career with such requirements. A career in real estate sales allows a person to largely set their own hours, conduct business throughout the day while still leaving time for a mid-day workout, picking up the kids after school, or a late lunch date with a friend. Not being tied to a regular set of hours is not only often a more enjoyable, but a more productive way for many millennials to conduct business.

Many young people also enjoy the feeling of contribution that a career in real estate sales enables. It has been said of the millennial generation that they have a need for constant feedback and in particular, praise. If this statement is accurate, then real estate sales is a perfect career for many in this generation. The feedback is continual and constant, you don’t have to wait years to know if you’re successful, each home purchased or not purchased will tell you how you are doing and each customer that you assist with their purchase will surely let you know how satisfied they are with your efforts.

It seems in many ways, this type of career is one that many young people will find enjoyable, rewarding, and perhaps most important to this generation, meaningful. Millennials are constantly on the lookout for a job that provides more ‘meaning’. What does ‘meaning’ mean, exactly. Meaning in the workplace includes being able to live your desired quality of life as well as make an impact in the lives of others.

By these standards, a career in real estate sales has a tremendous opportunity to provide the meaning in employment that many millennials are searching for. With the housing market being particularly strong in today’s climate, it would seem worthwhile for many young people to explore this opportunity.

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