Updated September 08, 2017 : Real estate is a career field that combines human interaction, sales, a service ethic, and geography and economics. Compensation is usually good and can be excellent. Pay is often based on commission, so the more properties (and, especially, the more high-priced properties you sell), the more money you will make. Besides the various positions involved in the actual sale, there are other jobs within the field, such as real estate lawyer - so there are many paths into real-estate-related work.


Step 1: Take the Real Estate Course. NJ requires qualified candidates to complete the 75 Hour prelicensure course at a licensed school, like NCJSB. Candidates must pass the school examination with a score of 70% or more to qualify for the State of NJ Licensing Exam. Go to NCJSB'sNCJSB's Course Calendar to register now!

Tuition: $355 Includes: Hands on Instruction, Book, Materials, Study Guides & Classroom Exam